July 18, 2024

Top 5 Destinations Jet Setters Fly to from West Palm Beach

Celebrities who are constantly in the public eye love their private time like anyone else and love the convenience of getting to their destination without dealing with commercial airport crowds. Friends or family can be invited to enjoy the trip, and dealing with the press or people who want selfies isn’t a stressor. A private jet offers luxurious amenities you won’t find on commercial flights. Flights from West Palm Beach take celebrities to destinations everyone would love to visit.

Aspen is a year-round jet-set destination

Most people associate Aspen with winter sports, especially world-class skiing and snowboarding. The stunning mountain community features upscale shopping and discriminating dining options. The beautiful Rocky Mountain retreat is a favorite destination for famous jet-setters every season.

Aspen has a worldly arts and culture scene. Shops along brick pedestrian walkways feature top designers, including Ralph Lauren, Gucci, and Prada. Jet setters from Palm Beach fly on private charters. According to information from the Aspen Airport in March 2023, of more than 4,000 flights out of Aspen, only approximately 1600 were commercial jets.

St Barts is a Favorite spot for jet setters

The French Island of St. Barts in the Caribbean is exotic and luxurious. St. Barts crystal blue water and sandy, pristine beaches attract the rich and famous. It’s not unusual to see celebrities frolicking in the ocean with their children or enjoying a refreshing drink at a juice bar.

Celebrities usually rent one of the exclusive villas with ocean views and up to eight bedrooms for their entourage. St. Barts is one of the world’s most expensive and exclusive vacation destinations. Islanders are accustomed to celebrities. Famous visitors love enjoying their solitude without an entourage following them.

Cape Town is a favorite celebrity destination

On the southwest coast of South Africa, Cape Town is the locale for numerous movie and TV productions. Cape Town has spectacular mountains, ocean views, incredible sunsets, and colonial history in a modern city. Elegant hotels offer panoramic views of the mountains. Cape Town’s waterfront features upscale restaurants serving unusual cuisine and unique shops. South Africa’s wine routes are just outside Cape Town. Sample the unique wines at the elegant estates on the Franschhoek and Stellenbosch routes are an experience not to be missed. A favorite attraction of celebrities and first-time visitors to Cape Town is a stay in the lodge at Thronybush, a game preserve that borders Kruger National Park. A private jet charter West Palm Beach to Capetown is a luxurious way to experience the stunning jet set destination.

Ibiza, Spain, is Europe’s party capital

The luxurious island of Ibiza is the choice of private jet travelers from West Palm Beach who want excitement. The island is famous as the Europen party capital for good reason. The beaches on the Mediterranean island are breathtaking, and the lifestyle is dazzling. Ibiza is a glittering retreat for music lovers, high-profile jet-setters, and music and movie celebrities.

Ibiza’s nightclubs are legendary and showcase some of the world’s best DJs. Some of the most famous launched their careers in Ibiza. The island features secluded underground clubs and huge venues to dance the night away. If you want a cultured, chic experience, book a private jet to Ibiza.

Seychelles is a favorite tropical destination

According to the Seychelles News Agency, The Indian Ocean’s archipelago Seychelles has seen a significant rise in the number of private jets arriving on the island since 2014. The archipelago off the eastern coast of Africa consists of more than 100 exotic islands. Jet setters often enjoy secluded retreats on private Praslin Island. L’ilot is one of the world’s top scuba diving spots.

Book a private tour of Mahe Island or plan an idyllic island-hopping escape. Rich and famous royals and celebrities love lounging and being seen on the pristine beaches. The intimate resorts feature bungalows with private pools and elegant beach suites. Desroches Island’s southernmost tip is the place to be after sundown for drinks and fine dining.

Start planning for the vacation of a lifetime on a private jet from West Palm Beach. Board your flight, get the party started with your friends, or sit back and relax. Enjoy luxury amenities, including gourmet food, drinks, and Internet service.

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