July 18, 2024

Introducing the Corona Kavach Policy: Your Ultimate Guide to COVID-19 Coverage

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, many of us are now more concerned about our financial situation. Given that this dangerous virus is evolving into new strains, buying a covid insurance policy is imperative. In the last two years, it has become clear and more apparent to us what health insurance is—a financial tool that might be useful in the event of unanticipated challenges. Covid insurance is similar to other insurance products that provide financial security in that regard, but it is uniquely designed to be more practical in a medical emergency like this.


Throughout the pandemic, the Corona Kavach policy, a COVID-19-specific product, takes care of your necessary health insurance needs. If you’re worried about the cost of COVID-19 medical care, this policy is an excellent choice. Your hospitalisation expenses, such as those for the hospital room, nursing care, operations, specialists’ fees, and more, are covered for the COVID-19 treatment. In addition to the multiple measures and efforts made by the Indian government, the insurance industry has created a number of basic and standard health insurance plans that are specifically designed to cover the costs of hospitalisation connected with the treatment of COVID-19.

Features of Corona Kavach Insurance Policy

Corona Kavach Insurance has a number of significant features and advantages, including:


  • The Corona Kavach COVID-19 insurance covers hospitalisation expenses such as comorbidities, room maintenance, nursing and ICU expenditures, surgeon and doctor consultation fees, etc.
  • The insured person is required to pay the entire premium amount up front when acquiring the Corona Kavach family floater.
  • Expenses are paid for a specific period of time before and after hospitalisation.
  • For up to 14 days, certain insurance companies will cover a person’s coronavirus treatment expenses.


Corona Kavach Inclusions

The inclusions under Corona Kavach Policy are: 

Services for Home Care

If a doctor has approved home care therapy, COVID-19 home care may be administered for a maximum of 14 days per incident. This coverage covers medical visits, paramedic assistance, routine vital sign checks by nurses, inquiries, and prescription medications.

Daily Financial Protection for Hospitals

An amount set aside each day ranges from 20,000 to 2 lakhs. During the period of the policy, a maximum of 15 days may be paid out for every 24 hours of continuous COVID-19 hospitalisation.

The price of Pre and Post Hospitalisation

15-day medical expenses are covered before being admitted to the hospital or receiving home health care. Additionally, the cost of COVID-19 diagnostics is reimbursed. You incur medical expenses within 30 days of being hospitalised or concluding home care.

Corona Kavach Exclusions

The following are the exclusions to the Corona Kavach policy:


  • The majority of the hospital expenses you pay go toward diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.
  • Charges by OPD
  • Expenses for diagnostic tests unrelated to your present treatment plan
  • Spas and places that practise natural medicine require payment.
  • Bills for dietary supplements and prescription-only medicines
  • The cost of medical treatment outside of India

Need for Corona Kavach Insurance

You are no longer concerned about whether you need COVID-19 insurance. The sole defence against this virulent virus is to take all necessary precautions and buy a COVID-19 insurance policy. You need a Corona Kavach plan for a number of reasons, some of which are listed below:


It offers sufficient insurance for fair prices. As a consequence, you can get complete health insurance for a low cost. Despite having a modest premium, the Corona Kavach Policy covers everything when you receive COVID treatment.

Safeguards your Savings

If you are diagnosed with COVID-19, the expense of the treatment you will need to recover from the illness could significantly drain your painstakingly amassed savings. This could impact your family’s financial plans and future. In order to prevent it from happening, you must immediately get a Corona Kavach Policy.


Anyone under the ages of 18 and 65 can enrol themselves or their immediate family in the Corona Kavach health insurance programme from Niva Bupa. Purchase the corona kavach plan today and be ready to face the effects of coronavirus


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