June 16, 2024

How to Rest Properly to Have Time to Recover During the Weekend: 5 Tips for Everyone

Do you often miss Saturdays and Sundays to get a quality rest after the work week? If you need more weekends after the weekend, here are 5 tips to help you start Mondays awake and full of energy.

But first: Why is it so important to know how to rest?

Researchers from American Syracuse University followed the condition of a group of respondents for several years, some of whom took a vacation once a year, the other didn’t. It turned out that those who refused the required vacation days are at several times higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

Scientists in Finland also conducted a similar study, but in a section of 40 years. They were able to prove that those who took fewer vacation days, on average, died earlier.

Sounds sobering. So let’s fast forward to resetting tips.

Sweet Do-nothing

There is a term in Italian called “Dolce Far Niente,” which literally translates to “sweet doing nothing.” In Holland, the process is called niksen. In any case, the term refers to complete and deliberate inactivity, when one doesn’t even seek to think about tasks. For example, one may simply stare at one point on the wall and allow thoughts to wander chaotically through one’s mind.

According to psychologists, this mindless action is a reset button for the brain. It doesn’t have to expend energy managing attention – which makes it more creative.

Don’t Forget the Balance of Active and Passive Rest

The best rest is a change of activities, remember? This rule can be illustrated quite simply: if on weekdays, you sit a lot at the computer, on weekends try to move around as much as possible. And vice versa: if you are physically active, your free time should be devoted to mental work, like playing at a VIP casino online or reading books.

Periodically Change Your Surroundings

One of the easiest and most pleasant ways to do this is to go on a trip. Not necessarily a long trip, sometimes a couple of days is enough. The positive effect of such trips is claimed by German scientists. They conducted a study in which 40 middle managers took part. Half of them spent 4 weekend days at home, and the other half went on vacation out of town. Those who spent time away from home said they felt more rested. The group of “homebodies” complained that they did not feel the length of the weekend. By the way, the positive effect of the trip in the first category of those studied lasted 35-40 days.

Forget About Work

Have you ever heard of Sunday Night Syndrome? If you haven’t, you’ve probably experienced it yourself. This condition usually manifests itself by the evening of the last day off, when we begin to feel anxious with thoughts of the upcoming work week. What’s interesting, the syndrome is symptomatically quite similar to depression and manifests as apathy, loss of appetite, insomnia, and gastrointestinal disorders. Scientists to combat this unpleasant disorder advise:

  • Don’t put off work tasks until Monday; if possible, wrap things up on Friday.
  • Distance yourself from work on the weekend.
  • Plan something pleasant for Monday morning as well – so its approach will inspire less horror.


With limited vacation time, we sometimes try to plan every minute – to have time to spend time with the kids, see friends and definitely read a chapter or two of our favorite detective. However, this desire to meet deadlines and schedules is only good at work. American scientists have found that spontaneous entertainment can be more enjoyable than planned entertainment. Constantly following a plan doesn’t allow you to concentrate on what is happening now

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