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Aquatic Animals Name

60+ Aquatic Animals Name: List With Pictures

Some aquatic animals name are Clam, Seagull, Coral, Pelican, Shrimp, Sea Cucumber, Jellyfish, Sea Urchin, Walrus, Lobster. These are only a few aquatic animals. If you want aquatic animals list a-z, then just go through the entire article because I have provided a complete list of aquatic animals, semi aquatic animals, weird aquatic animals, and endangered aquatic animals.

Aquatic Animals Name

Aquatic Animals name

About 80% of our planet Earth is covered with saline water and the animals living in this marine water are called aquatic animals. The following is a list of a few aquatic animals.

  • Clam
  • Seagull
  • Coral
  • Pelican
  • Shrimp
  • Sea Cucumber
  • Jellyfish
  • Sea urchin
  • Walrus  
  • Lobster
  • Sea horse
  • Squid 
  • Crab
  • Shark 
  • Otter
  • Seagull
  • Octopus
  • Clams
  • Oyster
  • Shells
  • Dolphin
  • Starfish
  • Sea turtle
  • Sea-lion
  • Whales
  • Electric Eel
  • Penguin
  • Cormorant
  • Seal
  • Clams
  • Lobster

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Aquatic Animals name with Information

The following is a list of 10 aquatic animals with some information:

1. Christmas tree worms 

The Christmas tree worm looks bright in colors. Their average height is 1.5 inches in length. They are found deep in the ocean and get spotted easily because of their unique shape and colors.

2. Emperor shrimp

Emperor shrimp is a family of shrimp. They are one of the smallest creatures found in oceans. Their average height ranges between 0.16 inches to 0.30 inches.

3. Bluebell tunicate

Bluebell tunicate belongs to the subphylum Tunicate family. They are invertebrates thin and translucent.

4. Coffinfish

The Coffinfish is a species of Sea toads. They are found in depths between 50 to 300 meters. Their body size can grow up to 8.7 inches.

5. Orange spotted filefish

Orange spotted filefish are generally found on coral reefs in the Indo-Pacific oceans. They are pale blue in color with longitudinal rows of orange-yellow patches.

6. Starfish

Starfish is a star-shaped fish belonging to the Asteroidea class. They’re invertebrates and found on sea beds. They’re found in various colors and patterns such as Red, Orange, Yellow, etc.

7. Scorpionfish

Scorpionfish known as rockfish found on sea beds. They are without venom but their fin spine can cause painful wounds.

8. Blue-ringed octopus

The blue-ringed octopus is a highly venomous species of octopus. Their venom is neurotoxins and they have rings of blue color in their arms.

9. Coral (Brain)

The coral brain looks like a human brain.  Its shape is spherical and grooved. Generally, it grows up to 1.8 meters.

10. Flower hat jellyfish

Flower hat jelly belongs to class Hydrozoa. They rest on the bottom during the day and float at night to find their prey.

Endangered Aquatic animals name

  • Hawaiian Monk Seal
  • Humpback Whale
  • Crinoid Snapping Shrimp 
  • Napoleon Wrasse
  • Kemp Ridley Turtle
  • Fraser Dolphin
  • Sockeye Salmon
  • Steller Sealion

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Weird Aquatic Animals

These are weird animals, yet popular sea creatures:

  • Goblin Shark
  • Black Swallower 
  • Frilled Shark
  • The Paper Nautilus
  • Giant Squid
  • Vampire Squid
  • Wolf Eel
  • Pacific Black Dragon
  • Dragon Fish
  • Sarcastic Fringehead
  • Big red Jellyfish
  • Barreleye Fish
  • Blobfish
  • Supergiant Amphipod
  • Giant Isopod
  • Deep-Sea Lizardfish

Aquatic Animals Name Examples

  • Dolphins sleep with one eye open. 
  • Dolphins can hear sounds from 24 KM of distance.
  • A blue whale’s tongue is heavier than an adult elephant.
  • Shark teeth can grow till their entire life.
  • The Octopus, which is one of the famous sea animals, is widely popular for its bulbous head and eight arms. They have blue blood and their hearts.
  • The sea sponge is a living aquatic creature yet it has no mouth, eyes, bones, lungs, brain, or even hearts
  • Jellyfish have lived for more than 650 million years, outdating dinosaurs and sharks
  • A single electric eel is known to generate enough electricity to light up to 10 bulbs
  • Sea otters have a secret pocket of skin near their armpit to store blood
  • Male penguins propose to their lady with pebble during mating season
  • Sea horses are among the only species in which the male gives birth and takes care of the young.
  • Clownfish and Anemones are best friends
  • Frogfish can walk
  • Crabs have taste buds on their feet.
  • Lobsters can regrow an eye or an arm.
  • Sea turtles excrete salt absorbed in seawater from their eyes, which is why they seem to cry.
  • Many Rockfish can live 100s of years.
  • A female Sunfish may lay 300,000,000 eggs at a single spawning season.

Aquatic Animals Name with Pictures

7 water animals name with pictures

Aquatic Animals Name

Picture of aquatic animals with names

Aquatic Animals Names


What are examples of aquatic animal?

Some examples of aquatic animals are Octopus, Seagull, Coral, Pelican, Shrimp, Sea Cucumber, Jellyfish, Sea Urchin, Sea anemone, Dolphins

What are the 10 water animals?

10 water animals are Clam, Seagull, Coral, Pelican, Shrimp, Sea Cucumber, Jellyfish, Sea Urchin, Walrus, Lobster

What are 15 sea animals?

15 Sea animals are Crabs, Seals, Octopus, Sharks, Walrus, Jellyfish, Lobsters, Shrimps, Dolphins, Shells, Sea urchin, Cormorant, Otter, Sea anemone, Sea turtle

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So that’s it names of aquatic animals. if you know some more names of aquatic creatures then please let me in the comment.

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