June 16, 2024

A Simple Beginner’s Guide: Is an E-Cig Harmful?

Undoubtedly, a big number of smokers are switching to e-cigarettes to either quit smoking or reduce the health impacts of tobacco. But there is a question to ask: is an e-cig harmful? The answer is subjective, and you probably have heard numerous responses on this issue.

Just to make it clear for you, this article will look at both sides of the coin. On one side, switching to an e-cig is a good thing because using it has fewer health impacts, while on the other side, there are still side effects to watch out for. Let’s dive in.

E-Cigarettes vs. Cigarettes: Which Is Better?

Traditional cigarettes, including cigars, use tobacco leaves with the addition of some ingredients such as menthol or other herbs. These leaves contain nicotine, which is addictive, together with hundreds of other harmful chemicals and tar. Scientists say tobacco is a major cause of cancer and many illnesses related to the human respiratory system. 

E-cigarettes, on the other hand, also use nicotine derived from tobacco products. But manufacturers remove the tar and other chemicals from tobacco as they add controlled amounts of nicotine to e-juice. So, when buying the ePuffer refillable e cigar or any other, you can limit the amount of nicotine in your electronic liquid. With this, vapers lower the health risks associated with e-cigs.

Types of E-Juices to Use 

E-cigs use e-juice to produce vapor, which is a consumable product. If there is any harm in using an e-cig, this is where it would be. As such, you can take charge of the ingredients in the product. Here are common types of e-juices you should know.

  • Strong-nicotine e-juices – These have a high nicotine level. Mostly, they are given names such as nic salt e-juice, Canadian tobacco e-juice, Cuban tobacco e-juice, and the like. According to experts, they are more addictive because they contain more nicotine.
  • Mild-nicotine e-juices – They have regulated nicotine levels to keep them mild. They are also somewhat addictive, but they have lower health risks. If you are switching from cigarettes to keep health risks at bay, this is a good starting point.
  • Zero-nicotine e-juices – These e-juices do not contain any nicotine; therefore, their health risks are quite low. Most people who still want to enjoy puffing and keep their health risks in check go for these. 

How to Avoid the Health Risks of E-Cigs

Frankly, e-cigs can cause some level of risk regardless of the nicotine in the e-juice. But you can still keep these risks lower if you know how to do it. Here are some insights for you.

  • Use nicotine-free e-juices – As mentioned, zero-nicotine e-juices have the lowest health risks. You should vape these all the time. You will definitely enjoy the flavors, throat hit, and smoothness of other e-juice ingredients.
  • Reduce your vaping frequency – You can still reduce your contact with the vapor to further minimize any health risks. Luckily, nicotine-free e-juices are not addictive. According to health experts, quitting completely is the only sure way to eliminate any possible risks associated with e-cigs.

In Summary

There is no universally correct answer to whether or not e-cigs are harmful. The important thing is to understand how different options affect your body. Now that you know, it is time to make the right decision for you.


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