April 19, 2024

6 Tips to Choose The Best Student Information System for Your School

If your school is struggling to manage its day-to-day activities in today’s time, the chances are that you are still using the manual school management system. And in this time of digitalization and the latest technology coming every day, the old methods are not going to help. To keep up with today’s time and manage your school in a better way you need to have a student information management system


SIS or Student Information System is software used by schools to manage their school activities and digitalize their operations. This system has several modules which all have their separate functions and helps schools and students alike.

There are several SIS available in the market to choose from, however, you need to look out for the best student information system which meets your school’s needs. But how does one know which software is the one for their organization? In this article, you are going to know about some of the tips that would help you choose the right SIS for your school.


It Should Be Usable For All: What is the use of such technology that can’t be used by everyone, nothing right? This brings us to the very first quality to look out for in any student information system. The system you will be choosing should be usable for all the different departments of the school. Whether it is the admission cell or finance department, teacher or students everyone should find the software easy to use. To make sure this happens you need to check out its various features, interface, and designs used. 


Mobile-Friendly: Usually all the software and apps are desktop or PC friendly, but not all of them are mobile-friendly. That’s where you need to do some research and look out for an SIS system that works on both desktop and mobile. Today, every other student has a personal smartphone, which they use for everything. So it becomes important that the school system which they will be using to learn and communicate with teachers should work on their phones too. And another thing that needs to be considered is that the user interface system is not much different for desktop and mobile, it can confuse the users.


Greater Functionality: The software should be at its best performance all the time, and it should be ensured that it works smoothly while using multi-function. This feature is crucial because when all the different departments will be using multiple functions of the software at the same time, there shouldn’t be any glitches in it. Thus, before confirming any software take the trial.


Easy Data Access: One of the central functions of the SIS system is storing all the students’ and other school data. Usually, when schools have to store any information they document it and put them in files, and keep them. But in today’s time, everything has gone digital. So, check out that the software stores the data and provides easy access to only the authorized party. This way duplication of data and other mishaps can be eliminated.


Generate Analytical Reports: Every organization needs to check its progress from time to time, usually, reports are generated for this purpose, annually or quarterly. And school administrators and teachers know how daunting it can be to generate reports manually; from observation to compiling everything needs to be done perfectly to know actual growth. But what if all these tasks can be done in a few simple clicks, sounds magic right? But with the help of the report analytical feature of the student information system, it can be possible. And if your SIS system does not have this feature then you need to reconsider your choice.


Includes Students and Parents: Students and parents are the most important users of the SIS system, who will be engaging with this technology on a regular basis. So it should be considered that the software you choose has features like answering queries, access to the student progress report, and sends notifications before any event, exam, or activity. This way students and parents stay informed about all the activities and academics that happen in the school. 

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